Road in Black River Valley, Photo: Daniel Green

is a network of natureguides operating from Svartådalen – the Black River Valley – in Västmanland.

We are specialised in showing birds and butterflies on excursions around our beautiful part of the countryside.
We also extend our trips to other parts of central and northern Sweden.
All in order to see the target species of birds and butterflies that you want to experience.

All inclusive
We take care of our clients from the moment they arrive at the airport to the moment they leave.
Our birdwatching and butterfly breaks are all-inclusive. You don´t have to worry about a thing.
Lodging is in small B&B's with warm, personal hosting and home-cooked food, and/or countryside hotels like Sätra Brunn spa & conference.

Four seasons
We are active all four seasons.
Autumn is great for watching the hundreds of Common Cranes that roost in the valley.
Wintertime feeding stations for forest birds, Eagles and northern visitors like Hawk Owls and Pine Grosbeaks are the attractions.
Spring is the natural highlight for birdlife and the easiest time to see all the Owls, Woodpeckers, Grouse and other birds that breed in the area.
Summertime butterflies and moths are in focus.
We also extend our trips to the northern part of Sweden to experience the mountains and it´s flora and fauna.

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Several of our activities are approved by Nature's Best.
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Amanda's Blue, Photo: Daniel Green
Outdoor cooking, Photo: Daniel Green
Ural Owl, Photo: Daniel Green
Canoeing, Photo: Daniel Green