Daniel Green
Daniel Green – Birdwatcher since early childhood, ringer and guide with Svartådalen as his turf. Mad about Cranes (his favourite bird),
  Mikael Rhönnstad a winter afternoon   Kjell-Åke Källebrink with ural owl
Owls and feeding birds in the winter. As passionate about Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies as he is about birds.
Driven by the joy of sharing experiences in the nature with other people. His c.v. includes 12 years as a gourmet chef and a career as a newspaper journalist/photographer.
Mikael Rhönnstad – Forestman, ringer and Woodpecker-expert. A man who knows his territory and not only where to find the birds, but also how to make them appear. Runs a Tengmalms Owl nestbox program as well. Active in forest conservation and management issues.
  Kjell-Åke Källebrink – A fearless Owl-charmer and a good storyteller, together with his brother Kalle, in charge of more than 60 nestboxes for Ural Owls.
Kalle Källebrink with ural owl   Niclas Lignell   Max Green Ekelin
Kalle Källebrink – The other Ural Owl brother with license to climb and ring any Ural or other Owl in sight. Extremely experienced birdwatcher, ringer and the last years also a very dedicated Butterfly– and Moth–finder. Farmer and security-guard on his spare time.   Niclas Lignell – Dedicated birdwatcher, ringer, photographer and Butterfly–/ Moth–/Dragonfly enthusiast. Raising new generations of birdwatchers at the Asköviken nature-school. A happy dude that never ceases to try giving you all the birds you need.   Max Green Ekelin –Max is a very skilled photographer and graphic designer with a bird and wildlife angle to most things he do. He likes the mystique of nature with birds, animals and creatures in their folkloreistic context. He roams the northern elements, the tundra and the high mountain plateaus as much as the taiga forest. His favourite birds being the most northern ones. There´s nothing about camera settings or photoshop this young man cannot answer.
Jan-Olov Bergström take a bearing of birds   Simon Green   Zsombor Károlyi
Jan-Olov Bergström – Birdsafariswedens own Mr. Gadget. Engineer, constructor, inventor and survival expert. (Here operating a tracking device for radiotagged Cranes) Does never enter a forest without a really sharp knife and a bag of dried reindeer meat.   Simon Green – Passionate nature guide with a great interest for mammals, photography and birds. Prefers the northern or even Artic environments and really appreciates to share his knowledge. Simon also works with education for young people who want to become nature guides. He knows how to howl to the Wolfs and get their answers, how to survive in the forest and is always capable of making a fire without matches.   Zsombor Károlyi – Enthusiastic birdwatcher and photographer from Västerås with good check on his local & regional birds. Descendant from the Hungarian puszta. Known as a very driven bird watcher with a certain abilitity to find good birds. Appreciated for his optimism & social skills.

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Eric Renman   Ola Jennersten    
Eric Renman – Eric Renman has been bitten by Dragonflies since some years and spend all his available free time Dragon-watching around his home province of Uppland in Eastern Sweden. Apart from Dragonflies he also has a strong interest in mammals, geography and hydrology since early childhood. Reptiles and birds also catch his interest. Eric has been a safariguide on international tours, Madagascar being one of his favourite destinations.   Ola Jennersten – well known nationally for his work with the conservation of the Tiger under the employment of WWF Sweden. Few people have got such knowledge about the tiger, their situation and conservation status. Ola has published several books and is a great ambassadour for biodiversity and conservation. Ola is also a very keen photographer and is frequently sharing his work in talks about garden biology as well as endangered animals. Ola has lead tours to India and South America before. He is known as an equally humble as knowledgeable person.